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Drilling of borewells free of cost to needy and eligible farmers under “YSR Jala Kala” Programme – Modified Guidelines for implementation of the Programme

have issued Guidelines for implementation of the “YSR Jala Kala” programme to drill bore wells free of cost to the needy and eligible farmers. Government vide reference have issued orders for constituting a technical committee for overall supervision and monitoring of the YSR Jala Kala Programme.  

  • Now, the Commissioner, PR&RD in the reference has submitted draft revised guidelines for implementation of the YSR Jala Kala Programme in the State and requested to issue the revised guidelines.
  • Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby issue the Guidelines as mentioned below for implementation of the “YSR Jala Kala Programme” in the State to drill borewells free of cost to the needy and eligible farmers in the State. These guidelines supersede the guidelines issued in the reference 1st read above.  

YSR Jala Kala eligibility Guidelines

1.The Mission:

NAVARATNALU is a concept coined by the Government to improve the delivery systems and improve the quality of the Governance in the State. It is designed to improve the living standards of the people. Of the welfare schemes proposed by the State Government under NAVARATNALU, “YSR Jala Kala – Free Bore wells” programme is aimed at utilizing the available groundwater resources for the improvement of livelihoods of the farmers and thereby improve the GSDP under primary sector.  

  • Objective:

Government have decided to drill free bore wells to needy and eligible farmers in all thirteen (13) districts of the State by optimally utilizing ground water resources for the purpose of irrigating every acre of arable land. These bore wells shall be drilled after conducting integrated Hydro geological and Geophysical surveys in the field for identifying feasible sites before taking up the drilling activity.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Any farmer without an existing bore well/tube well OR having a failed bore well/tube well is eligible.   
    • There are 1094 over exploited revenue villages notified as per G.O.MS.No.548 dated 27-02-2020 of PR&RD department. Lands falling in these villages are not eligible under the scheme, Government notifies the list of over exploited revenue villages from time to time. 
  • Application process:
    • The eligible beneficiary shall submit filled in application at the Village Secretariat / through online along with the copy of Pattedar passbook, Aadhar card and self-photograph.  
    • The applications shall be scrutinized at Village Secretariat by VRO after field verification and shall be submitted to Assistant Project Director DWMA/MPDO.  
    • The applications of eligible beneficiaries received from all gram panchayats shall be visible in the APD, DWMA / MPDO login for further process.  
    • After submitting the application, the farmers can track the status of their application online at any point of time
    • If farmers have any queries / grievances regarding implementation of the programme, they can post their complaints / queries / grievances online on the www.ysrjalakala.ap.gov.in  website and offline through Spandana Toll Free No. 1902.      
  • Feasibility of borewell:  
  • Applications received by the APD, DWMA / MPDO shall be sent to drilling contractor of concerned Assembly Constituency for conducting integrated hydro geological and geophysical survey.
  • The drilling contractor shall engage Geologist/Geophysicist from Ground Water and Water Audit department/any qualified Geologist/Geophysicist registered with Ground Water and Water Audit Department for locating the feasible sites in the lands of beneficiaries for drilling bore wells successfully.
  • Selection of feasible sites by the drilling contractor shall be done by adhering to Andhra Pradesh Water, Land and Trees Act,2002 (APWALTA) norms and Government orders from time to time.
  • The details of the feasible sites identified along with respective integrated hydro geological and geophysical survey reports shall be submitted to APD, DWMA / MPDO by the drilling contractor.
  • Any technical advice regarding integrated hydro geological and geophysical survey can be obtained from Deputy Director, Ground Water and Water Audit Department of concerned districts if necessary.
  • Sanction of Scheme:
    • APD, DWMA / MPDO shall generate estimates for construction of bore wells for each beneficiary after receiving the feasibility reports from the drilling contracts after due verification.  
    • After generation of estimates, APD, DWMA / MPDO shall send the estimates to PD, DWMA.  
    • The Project Director DWMA will verify and send the estimates to the District Collector for according Administrative Sanction.
    • The District Collector shall accord Administrative Sanction of the scheme to the eligible beneficiaries after due verifications.
  • Communication of approved sanction:
    • The PD, DWMA shall update the details of the sanctioned beneficiary applications on online portal for viewing and necessary action by APD, DWMA / MPDO and VROs / Village Secretariats / beneficiaries concerned.
    • Information regarding sanction of the bore wells shall also be communicated to the respective beneficiaries  through SMS/Village Secretariats.
    • The APD, DWMA / MPDO shall send the copy of approved sanction of borewell sites to the drilling contractor concerned.
  • Drilling of bore-wells:
  • After receiving the approved sanction of borewell sites from the APD, DWMA / MPDO on daily basis, the drilling contractor shall submit a Work Plan in consultation with APD, DWMA / MPDO for completing the drilling of borewells work. The drilling contractor after receiving approval from concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO, shall start drilling of borewell / tube well at the recommended location duly informing the concerned beneficiary and the concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO to depute staff (FA/EA/CTA/EC/APO) for inspection and yield test.
  • A drilled borewell with a minimum yield of 1000 GPH (4500 liters per hour) by 90 0 ‘V’ notch method shall be considered as successful borewell.  
  • Yield test shall be conducted at the time of drilling in the presence of concerned authorities. Minimum yield should be 1000 GPH by 90 0 ‘V’ notch method.  
  • The digital photograph with geo-tag (date, time, latitude and longitude) shall be taken by the concerned authorities deputed along with beneficiary in the presence of drilling contractor after completion of borewell drilling and shall be submitted to APD, DWMA / MPDO.  
  • The depth of borewell drilled and depth of casing shall be measured using Government approved digital equipments / proven mechanisms specified by Government from time to time and recorded in the Measurement Book by deputed concerned staff in the presence of the drilling contractor and beneficiary concerned and the deputed staff shall update the recorded measurements in the online portal for further process.  
  • After drilling of the borewell, the concerned officer deputed shall submit the borewell completion report to the concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO along with the photographs taken, relevant documents and signatures of beneficiaries and concerned authorities.  
  • 10% of the drilled bore wells shall be super checked by the concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO before making the payment.  
  • Upon submission of invoices along with verified measurements, bills shall be raised on pro-rata basis for every month as per the success criteria set forth. For example, if success rate for a Assembly constituency is 80% and the drilling contractor drilled 100 bore wells, out of which 70 are successful, drilling contractor will get paid for 90 bore wells only and not get paid for 10 failed bore wells, as the success rate for Assembly constituency is 80%, which means only 20% of total drilled bore wells can fail and only that 20% will be considered for payment and any additional failed bore wells shall not be considered for payment.  
  • The concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO shall generate FTOs for drilled bore wells as per the conditions of the contract signed with respective drilling contractors.  
  • All the bore wells (failed / successful) shall be geo-tagged by the concerned authorities deputed by APD, DWMA / MPDO, in the presence of the drilling contractor and beneficiary.  
  • In case, the bore well fails, the drilling contractor shall drill second bore well in the land of same farmer, if feasible, and refill the failed bore well with soil and stone pieces before shifting the rig or utilize that as a recharge well, if feasible, and this shall be monitored and ensured by the concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO.

 9. Post drilling:

  1. After drilling of the borewells, the details are to be documented in the form of borewell completion reports, list and locations of successful and failed borewells and it shall be maintained by concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO.  
  2. Construction of recharge pit / water harvesting structure is mandatory at successful borewell site and this shall be monitored by PD, DWMA.  
  3. Social Audit shall be conducted for all the bore wells drilled under this programme.

 10. Programme Management Unit (PMU):  

  1. Programme Management Unit (PMU) shall be set up at O/o Commissioner, PR&RD by deputing suitable personnel from other departments or engaging personnel on outsourcing basis.
  2. The PMU shall monitor the implementation of the programme in all aspects, such as(but not limited to), scrutiny of applications, review of ground water survey reports, physical & financial progress of works, geo-tagging of drilled bore wells, closure of failed bore wells, construction of water harvesting structures etc.
  3. Timelines to be followed: 

 The YSR Jala Kala Programme shall be implemented following strict timelines. The Commissioner, PR&RD after examining the relevant facts and details shall fix appropriate timelines at every level (viz., VRO, APD/MPDO, Contractor, PD DWMA and District Collector) at the earliest and ensure smooth and timely implementation of the Programme. 

  1. Roles & Responsibilities of various Functionaries:
  2. Village Volunteer:
    1. To inform about the programme to all farmers in their respective villages.
    1. To provide application forms to farmers who wish to apply for the free borewell under the programme and assist them in filling the application forms.
    1. To collect the filled in offline application forms from farmers and hand it over to the Digital Assistant for further process.
  3. Digital Assistant:
    1. To input the details provided by the farmers (in their offline application forms) in the online software application and initiating an online application as per the offline application form for further process. This is to be done through the respective Digital Assistant login provided.
    1. To forward the application to concerned VRO after initiating the application.
  4. VRO:
    1. To verify and validate all the details of the land such as extent, survey no., etc. as per the documents submitted along with the application by the famer.
    1. To conduct a field verification and to validate the details provided in the application whether the applicant is eligible or not eligible based on the eligibility criteria. This is to be updated in the software application.
    1. To forward the eligible applications after validation to the concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO for further process.
    1. To communicate the applicant/farmer if the application is rejected at any stage due to any reason.
  5. APD, DWMA / MPDO:
    1. To communicate the eligible applications to concerned drilling Contractor for conducting hydro-geological and geophysical surveys respectively, if site is feasible then generate estimates in the online software application through respective APD, DWMA / MPDO login based on the data provided in the ground water survey report for feasible bore well sites.
    1. To reject the application where bore wells is not feasible based on the ground water survey report and shall communicate the same to VRO for further communication to concerned applicant / farmer.
    1. To send/forward the estimates generated for the sites feasible for bore wells to concerned PD for taking Administrative Sanction.
    1. To communicate the sanctioned applications received from PD, DWMA to concerned VRO / Village Secretariat/beneficiaries.
    1. To send / forward the sanctioned applications as received from the PD, DWMA to concerned drilling Contractor and to instruct the drilling Contractor to chalk out a “Drilling work plan / schedule” to take up drilling activity as per sanctioned applications respectively.
    1. To review and approve the “Drilling work plan / schedule” submitted by concerned drilling Contractor based on the sanctioned applications, by suggesting and incorporating necessary modifications if required.
    1. To appoint a FA / EA / CTA / EC / APO as inspecting authority to monitor the drilling activities as per the approved “Drilling work plan / schedule” for each sanctioned application respectively.
    1. To ensure that failed bore wells are refilled with soil and stone pieces and properly closed by drilling Contractor as per norms or to ensure that it is utilized as recharge well.
    1. To collect “Well Completion Report” from drilling Contractor for all drilled bore wells (both successful and failed) after completion of drilling activity. These reports are to be uploaded in the online portal against each sanctioned application from concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO login.
    1. To super check 10% of the bore wells drilled by each drilling Contractor randomly before generating FTO’s for every month and report is to be prepared and uploaded in the online portal.
    1. To generate FTO’s for drilled bore wells (both successful and failed) as per the predefined success rates and conditions of contract (such as 90% against invoice and 10% after 1 year etc.) for respective constituencies for a particular month only after evaluating and validating respective monthly invoice submitted by the drilling Contractor.
    1. To maintain records of borewell completion reports and list with details of locations of successful and failed bore wells and their status.
    1. To ensure that drilling Contractor shall adhere to the approved “Drilling work plan”.
    1. To monitor the progress of drilling Contractor and to instruct the drilling Contractor in case of any delay in work / discrepancies.  
    1. To supervise and ensure that drilling Contractor adheres to the norms specified by Govt. from time to time and also to comply with all the conditions of contract in time bound manner.
  6. PD, DWMA:
    1. To take administrative sanction for drilling of bore wells from concerned District Collector upon receipt of estimates generated by concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO.
    1. To communicate the administrative sanctioned applications / approval to concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO upon receipt of administrative sanction from District Collector.
    1. To monitor the progress of drilling Contractor and to instruct the drilling Contractor in case of any delay in work / discrepancies. and to penalize the drilling Contractor as per the “Conditions of the Contract” in case of any delays.
    1. To ensure construction of recharge pit / water harvesting structure at all sites of successful bore wells in convergence with MGNREGS & Watershed programmes.
    1. To conduct review meetings with concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO on status of the implementation of the programme and escalate issues (if any) to the concerned Authorities.  
    1. To prepare progress reports periodically for submission and review.
    1. To coordinate with departments / concerned officials for successful implementation of the programme in all aspects.
    1. To exercise overall supervision for effective implementation of the programme.
  7. District Collector:
    1. To review and accord administrative sanction to the eligible applications received from concerned PD, DWMA for drilling of bore wells.
    1. To communicate and forward the accorded administrative sanction / approvals for received applications to concerned PD, DWMA after due verifications.
    1. To conduct review meetings with all concerned officials involved in implementation of the programme and to monitor the status of the progress in the district.  
    1. To supervise and monitor all aspects of the programme and ensure effective implementation of the programme.
  8. FA / EA / CTA /EC / APO:
    1. To inspect and monitor the drilling activity taken up by the drilling Contractor for sanctioned bore wells respectively.
    1. To ensure the drilling activities are followed as per the drilling work plan / schedule as approved by concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO.
    1. To intimate concerned APD, DWMA / MPDO immediately, in case of any discrepancies / deviations by drilling Contractor from the approved “Drilling work plan / schedule”.
    1. To perform the following activities with respect to inspection of borewell (both successful and failed) during drilling:
      1. Geo-tagging of borewell along with a digital photograph
      1. Uploading the digital photograph in online portal / server through dedicated mobile application at the following times:
        1. At the time of casing insertion
        1. After completion of bore-well along with beneficiary
        1. At the time of commencement of drilling activity with beneficiary
      1. Ensuring that type of borewell drilling (DTH / Rotary) in the approved administrative sanction is same as that on the field.
      1. Measuring depth of borewell, depth of casing, number of bore caps as per approved methodologies communicated from time to time by concerned authorities.
      1. Performing Yield Test by 90 0 “V” Notch method at the time of drilling and measuring the yield in GPH.
      1. Determining the borewell as successful (>=1000 GPH yield) or failed (<1000 GPH yield) based on the yield after performing 90 0 “V” Notch method.
      1. Recording all the measurements (bore depth, casing depth & bore cap), date of drilling (start and end), type of well (DTH / Rotary), yield value from yield test and nature of the borewell (successful or failed) in M-Book and in online portal simultaneously for respective application.
  9. Processing of farmers’ applications and drilling of bore wells shall be taken up strictly on first come first serve basis. However, in case of emergency requirements of the farmers, in exceptional cases, such as, to give life saving irrigation to the crops, etc the District Collector is authorized to permit drilling those bore wells, on priority, jumping the queue.

The Commissioner, PR&RD shall take all necessary action required for the strict compliance of the above Guidelines.  

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