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In the circumstances reported by the Deputy CEO, AP Maritime Board, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Government after careful examination of the matter hereby approved the Standard Operating Procedures for issuance of registration to the water sports crafts/ Vessel and hence forth to follow the following procedure for the registration of waters ports crafts as per the Standard Operating Procedures: Registration, Survey of Water Sports Crafts and Safety Guidelines for Conducting Water Sports Activities.

I. A) Registration:

1.Registration should be done only after issuance of NOC by the Tourism department to the Owner of the vessel.
2.Registration will be done by the respective Port Officers in their regions.
3.Survey will be carried out by APMB Surveyor.
4.Format for Certificate of Registry enclosed as Annexure 1
5.Format for Certificate of Survey enclosed as Annexure 2
6.Format for Declaration of Surveyor. Annexure 3.

B) Safety and security:

1.All life jackets and lifebuoys must be DGS approved.
2.Comfortable seating arrangements to be made for all.
3.The passenger launches and Para-sailing should be subjected to the Flooding test, crowding test, inclining experiment, etc., to ensure stability and remain afloat even if it is flooded with water OR full capacity of passengers OR if all passengers crowded to one side.
4.The craft lesser than 2NT, shall be provided with at least one lifebuoy.
5.Crafts between 2NT to 15 NT shall be provided with at least two lifebuoys.
6.The crafts should also be provided with some rescue quoits with 30mtr rope , fire buckets , fire extinguishers as may be appropriate.
7.Crafts lesser than 2NT, shall have one 4.5 Kg DCP fire extinguisher.
8.For crafts between 2NT to 15 NT, One 4.5 Kg DCP in addition to one mechanical foam to be kept. This will not be applicable to Jet Skis.
9.Jet Skis and crafts having outboard engine shall have automatic engine cut out in case of craft capsize.
10.It is preferred to have Boat winch parasailing for normal operations.
11.Safety and medical facility shall be provided by the operator and he shall be responsible for the same.
12.Operator shall provide third party insurance to the extent of at least Rs 2 Lakhs per passenger or as may be applicable by any other rules / regulations in force.

C) Communication Equipments:

  1. Up to 2NT, Mobile Phone or portable walkie talkie with distress channel is permitted for communication
  2. Between 2 NT and l5NT , VHF must be provided in addition to Mobile Phone if Mobile phone is out range or in operational.
  3. AIS or similar equipment may be prescribed if considered necessary.
    II After registration of the Vessel, the Tourism Department shall ensure the following for the safe operation, through Control Rooms A) MONITORING OF SAFE OPERATOINS:
  4. Water sport activity is properly monitored and sufficient infrastructure eg- rescue boats, trained lifeguards, lifesaving and firefighting equipments, communication equipments ,first aid boxes at beaches/locations, where such crafts are permitted to operate, are provided for timely assistance and rescue in case of the need.
  5. Operations of all water sports crafts shall be as per NIWS safety norms.
  6. Operations to be restricted to fair season in calm and settled weather conditions and in day light hours only. Further distance from shore towards seaside should not exceed 1 nautical mile and should be restricted considering size of craft, activity and other safety criteria.
  7. All crafts to have valid Certificate of Registry and Certificate of Survey issued by the Ports department.
  8. There should be minimum one DGS/MMD approved rescue boat provided in the location where such activities are carried out .( 1 Rescue Boat if water sports craft being operated are 6, 2 Rescue Boats if water sports crafts are up to 15 and 3 rescue boat required if crafts are more than 15 )
  9. Sufficient trained Lifeguards are employed who will give necessary training and are provided with spare equipments such as life jackets, life buoys, buoyant apparatuses and rescue quoits.
  10. Appropriate shore based monitoring by VHF and Mobile should be in place with the aim to provide timely help as and when necessary.

B. Operational Requirements:

  1. The operator shall employ at least one qualified person per water sport from NIWS, RYA or YAI.
  2. The operator shall employ personnel as per qualification required under IV Act as may be applicable.
  3. If the operator offers parasailing as a water sport, he has to employ at least two certified persons from NIWS /RYA/YAI. The qualified person should have Power Boat Handling (PBH) and Life-saving techniques (LST) certificate from either NIWS , RYA or YAI.

C. Infrastructure at Beaches:

As per guidelines from DG (Shipping), it is essential to have some basic facilities so that crafts and persons in distress can be provided timely help.

II. It is also necessary to have sufficient number of lifeguards with necessary training and equipments such as Life jackets, Life buoys, buoyant apparatus etc.

III . The Deputy CEO, AP Maritime Board, Government of Andhra Pradesh shall take necessary action, accordingly.

IV. The Annexures 1, 2 and 3 are attached to this order.

Infrastructure & Investment Department AP Maritime Board Issuance of NOC to Water Sports crafts and safety guidelines for conducting water sports Activity Approval of SOP Orders Issued.

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Either this certificate, or the original/duplicate there of , furnished by the Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board , is to be put up in a conspicuous part of the vessel where it will be visible to all persons on board. For small vessels and jet skies where it is not possible to display the certificate, the operator must have the same available at the operational location.

If the number of passengers carried exceeds the number stated in the certificate, the Operator & Owner shall, be liable to be prosecuted.

In case of any ACCIDENT occasioning loss of life, or any material damage affecting the seaworthiness or efficiency of the craft, either in the hull or in any part of the machinery or equipment, a report by letter signed by the Owner is to be forwarded to the local police, Port Officer & Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board, Visakhapatnam within 24 hours after the happening of the accident, or as soon thereafter as possible.

Any communication addressed to the Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board related to this craft should state the Name, Port of Registry & Official Number of the craft and the Number of this certificate.


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