Chief Minster’s Special Incentive to Employees

Chief Minster’s Special Incentive to Employees As a part of the COVID-19 relief operations, the Health &Medical Department staff, Sanitation Employees of various Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, Sanitary and Multipurpose workers of Gram Panchayats Water Supply Linemen and Sewerage Workers of HMWS&SB are rendering service in controlling the epidemic and ensuring uninterrupted civic services to the citizens in difficult circumstances.

The Government in reorganisation of the services of Health, Medical, Sanitary and other related employees who are attending COVID-19 relief operations, have decided to grant a one time monetary incentive as a token of encouragement.

Accordingly, Government hereby sanctions payment of one time Chief Minister’s Special Incentive to the following categories of employees/personnel, as below:

i. All regular, Contract and Outsourced staff members of Medical and Health department, @10% of their gross salary/remuneration.

ii. All regular and outsourced Sanitation Employees/personnel of GHMC @ Rs.7,500/- iii. All regular and outsourced Water Supply Linemen and Sewerage Workers of HMWS&SB @ Rs.7,500/-.

iv. All regular and outsourced Sanitation Employees/personnel of all Municipal Corporations and Municipalities other than GHMC @ Rs.5,000/-

v. All regular and outsourced Sanitary cum Multi Purpose Workers of Gram Panchayats @Rs.5,000/-.

  1. The above incentive is to be drawn and paid to only those employees and persons who have actually attended to duties during the month of March and not to those who are on leave, suspension or unauthorised absence. The expenditure towards the Incentive as indicated at para 2 (i) above shall be met from the concerned head of account and in respect of personnel mentioned in para 2(ii to v), it shall be met from the releases made by the Government for COVID-19 Relief Operations. It is the concerned DDOs responsibility that these amounts are drawn in strict compliance of the above instructions and any excess payments done would be dealt with seriously.
  2. The Special Chief Secretary, HM&FW Department, Prl. Secretary, MA&UD Department, Secretary, PR&RD Department, Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Director of Works and Accounts, Pay and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad and the Director of State Audit shall take necessary further action in the matter, accordingly. COVID -19 – Relief Operations –Sanction of one time Chief Minster’s Special Incentive to certain categories of employees – Orders – Issued.


  1. The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897
  2. The Disaster Management Act, 2005
  3. G.O.Ms.No.45, General Administration Department, dated: 22.3.2020.
  4. G.O.Ms.No.46, General Administration Department, dated: 23.3.2020.
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