29 Wards Salur Municipality Vizianagaram District

Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department Salur Municipality, Vizianagaram District Division of Salur Municipality into twenty nine (29) Wards Draft Notification Issued. Under clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 10 of the 29 Wards Salur Municipality Vizianagaram District election in March 2020.

Salur Municipality ward wise reservation list election 2020

Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965 (Andhra Pradesh Act, 6 of 1965) read with rule 11 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994 issued in G.O.Ms.No.31, Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department, dated 03.02.1995 and after due consideration of the proposals submitted by the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, the Government hereby notify the draft delimitation of twenty nine (29) Wards of Salur Municipality as specified in the schedule appended to this Notification.

The Municipal Council, Salur Municipality is informed that it shall submit its views/suggestions, if any, on the proposed draft delimitation of wards notified, within 7 days of the publication of this Notification in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, to the Municipal Commissioner, Salur Municipality.

The people of Salur Municipality are informed that they may submit their views/suggestions, if any, on the proposed draft delimitation of wards notified, within 7 days of the publication of this Notification in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, to the Municipal Commissioner, Salur Municipality.

A copy of the Notification is also sent to the Collector and District Magistrate, Vizianagaram District and he/she is requested to affix the same on the Notice Board of his office and he/she is requested to give his/her suggestions about the division of the aforesaid Municipality into twenty nine (29) wards to the Government, immediately.

The Municipal Commissioner, Salur Municipality and the Collector and District Magistrate, Vizianagaram District may follow the procedure as stipulated under rule 12 of A.P. Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994 and send their report to the Government through the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration immediately.


Salur Municipality Ward no 1
NORTH From railway station to TIDCO housing lands across railway line towards the Bobbili 5-1-9 5-1-38
EAST From Suryamahal to B.T Road towards Makkuva 6-1-8 6-1-148
SOUTH From Masjid to Suryamahal road 7-1-1 7-2-118
WEST From Durga Temple to Railway station road 6-1-78 7-2-120

Salur Municipality Ward no 2
NORTH Makua bypass road 1-1-309 1-1-31/6
EAST From Mentada Street to B.T Road towards Makkuva 3-1-18 3-1-118
SOUTH From Devara street to Old road towards Makkuva 4-1-8 4-2-128
WEST From Devara street to Pantla Street road 4-1-130 4-1-135

Salur Municipality Ward no 3
NORTH Sivarampuram road 1-1-1 1-1-58
EAST A.G. Lands (Agricultural lands) 1-1-60 1-1-132
SOUTH From Rajula Street to 4th ward Boundary 1-1-133 1-1-203
WEST From ward number 4 to Boundary of Sivarampuram road Municipal school building 1-1-208 1-1-306

Salur Municipality Ward no 4
NORTH Boundary of ward number 3 1-1-308 1-1-327
EAST Relli street 5th ward boundary 1-6-370 1-12-438
SOUTH C.C Road towards River Vegavathi 5th ward boundary 2-1-1 2-1-248
WEST Old municipal compost yard & Y.T.C Building 2-1-403 2-1-339

Salur Municipality Ward no 5
NORTH From Ramamandiram at Mentada street to part of C.C Road towards river Vegavathi and part of A.G. Lands 2-1-225 2-1-280
EAST A.G. Lands (Agricultural lands) 3-1-220 3-1-598
SOUTH Chakali street Pedda (main) Drain 5-1-26 5-1-40
WEST Road from Salur towards Makkuva 6-1-194 6-6-499

Salur Municipality Ward no 6
NORTH Drain at Chakali Street 5-1-26 5-1-40
EAST A.G.LANDS (Agricultural lands) 5-1-23 28-1-98/11
SOUTH Part of N.H 26 From Salur towards Ramabadrapuram and part of Sivalayam Road 25-1-47 27-1-98/2
WEST From Ramamandir at Vaddi Street to 20th ward boundary of Karanala Street 26-1-1 26-1-25

Salur Municipality Ward no 7
NORTH Sivalayam road 27-1-98 60-2-159
EAST Agricultural lands, River Vegavathi 61-1-1 61-1-106
SOUTH N.H 26 Road 27-1 58-1-171
WEST From N.H26 Road to Sangeetha Pathasala 59-1-1 59-1-265

Salur Municipality Ward no 8
NORTH From paki Street to vedasamajam road (one way road) 58-112/261-1-77
EAST part of N.H26 road (from Salur to Ramabadrapuram road) and part of Agricultural lands beside the Sreenivasa Colony 60-1-88 60-1-65
SOUTH River Vegavathi 59-1-32/6 59-1-54/5
WEST From Sangeetha Pathasala to Bapana dock(revu) road 58-2-96 59-1-32/21

Salur Municipality Ward no 9
NORTH Saluru one way Bypass road 41-1-86 58-1-82
EAST Part of road from Sangeetha Pathasala towards river Vegavathi and part of
Kagithala Street 58-1-84 59-1-7
SOUTH River Vegavathi 56-33 57-22-1
WEST From Vedasamajam to road towards river Vegavathi and boundary of Saripalli Sarojini house limit 41-1-77 55-2-144

Salur Municipality Ward no 10
NORTH One way road (Vedasamajam school road) 43-1-25 42-1-63
EAST From Vedasamajam to towards River Vegavathi road 42-1-23 55-2-124
SOUTH Vegavathi river road 56-1-19 56-2-85
WEST Pedda Kaaluva at China Harijana Peta & road from Naidu street towards China Harijana Peta road 45-1-171 45-4-230

Salur Municipality Ward no 11
NORTH Part of Gadi Street to part of Pedda Kaaluva 54-1-72 50-1-381
EAST Pedda Kaaluva at China Harijana Peta 53-1-147 53-1-350
SOUTH River Vegavathi 53-177/1 53-1-153
WEST Part of Govt. Hospital, Part of Gadi Veedhi School 53-1-7 53-1-77
NORTH Road from Janni street to karri street 54-1-54 55-1-199

Salur Municipality Ward no 12
EAST Veternary Hospital to road towards River Vegavathi 52-1-138 54-1-72/1
SOUTH Road from China Harijana Peta towards Gadi Veedhi school side road 53-1-1 54-1-138/2
WEST 13th Ward Boundary 52-1-1 52-1-263

Salur Municipality Ward no 13
NORTH Part of Vacant land of Syamalamba temple and part of vacant land of R.C.M School 50-2-66 50-2-353
EAST Road from Velamapeta towards Govt. Hospital road 51-1-84 51-1-93
SOUTH From Govt. Hospital to R.C.M School road 50-2-230 50-2-334
WEST Vacant land of R.C.M School 51-1-98 51-1-293

Salur Municipality Ward no 14
NORTH Neliparthi Road 51-1-98 51-1-298
EAST Bangaramma colony C.C Road 51-1-289 51-7-333
SOUTH Municipal Layout road 51-1-338 51-8-492
WEST Agricultural lands 51-1-498 51-8-812

Salur Municipality Ward no 15
NORTH Pedda Market Area 47-1-2 47-1-33
EAST From Sivaji Statue to towards Syamalamba temple road 48-1-3 48-1-59
SOUTH Part of Gorle Street, part of vacant land of Syamalamba temple, part of Navodaya school 48-1-58 48-1-159
WEST Boundary of Municipal office & Boundary of Rama colony 32-1-1 32-1-93/1

Salur Municipality Ward no 16
NORTH Neliparthy road 47-1-3 47-1-33
EAST B.C Hostel, Boys Hostel 48-1-3 48-5-160
SOUTH River Vegavathi 51-1-2 51-1-87
WEST Part of Mosuru Road, Part of 14th Ward 51-1-36 51-1-74

Salur Municipality Ward no 17
NORTH One way road ( Sivaji Statue road) 43-1-30 45-1-4
EAST Veternary Hospital road 54-1-33/22 45-3-181/1
SOUTH Karri street & Janni street road 54-1-83/4 54-1-91
WEST Road from Sivaji statue towards Mosuru 45-1-5 46-3-160

Salur Municipality Ward no 18 NORTH N.H 26 Road 28-1-308 28-1-337
EAST From N.H26 Road to towards Vedasamajam road 35-1-1 35-5-110
SOUTH Oneway road 44-1-10 44-4-138
WEST From Sivaji Statue and Bosu Bomma road to Sathapathi street road 32-1-4 32-1-92

Salur Municipality Ward no 19
NORTH N.H 26 Road 28-1-345 28-6-380
EAST From Sangeetha Pathasala to Anjaneyaswami temple road 39-1-46 39-3-120
SOUTH Municipal oneway traffic road 41-1-3 41-1-33
WEST From N.H 26 to Aarisetti Mohana Rao Hospital Road 41-1-5 41-1-33

Salur Municipality Ward no 20
NORTH Chitlu street road 25-1-110 25-1-260
EAST Fazalgunj street (Masjid road) 28-1-19 28-1-88
SOUTH Pedakomatipeta main road 14-1-104 14-3-180
WEST Dabbi street 23-1-62 23-2-157

Salur Municipality Ward no 21
NORTH Pedakomatipeta road- Lavudi Street 23-1-60 23-2-150
EAST From Vaddi street to Road towards Pedakomatipeta 24-1-31 24-1-57
SOUTH N.H26 Main road 28-1-89 28-1-247
WEST from Salur to Road towards Dandigam 22-1-108 28-2-150

Salur Municipality Ward no 22
NORTH Pedakomatipeta road 15-1-30 15-2-69
EAST From Golla street to Road towards Lavudi Street 23-1-60 23-2-150
SOUTH N.H26 Main road 28-1-240 28-1-305
WEST Dabbi Street 23-1-1 23-1-61

Salur Municipality Ward no 23 NORTH N.H 26 Jeypore road 30-2-428/C 30-1-195
EAST Erukula street , Girls high school 30-1-131 30-1-220
SOUTH Pedakummaripeta road 30-1-301 30-1-430
WEST A.P.S.R.T.C. Complex & Agricultural lands of Neliparthy villagers 30-1-1 30-2-420/2

Salur Municipality Ward no 24
NORTH Dandigam road 21-1-3 21-1-98
EAST Golla street, Sathapathi street 32-1-10 32-1-94/1
SOUTH N.H 26 Jeypore Road 28-1-248 23-1-304
WEST Agricultural lands of Jeegiram panchayat 30-1-70 30-1-110

Salur Municipality Ward no 25
NORTH A.G Lands (Agricultural lands) 62-1-1 62-2-230
EAST Kurmaraju peta 63-1-1 63-1-128
SOUTH Salur to road towards Dandigam 64-1-5 64-2-130
WEST Lands of Karri Venkata Rao 64-1-131 64-1-18

Salur Municipality Ward no 26 NORTH A.G Lands ( Agricultural lands) 20-1-39 20-1-70
EAST A.G Lands ( Agricultural lands) 17-1-20 17-1-64
SOUTH Vaddadhi vaari Koneru 18-1-1 18-2-106/1
WEST A.G Lands ( Agricultural lands) 21-1-1 21-1-123

Salur Municipality Ward no 27
NORTH Dabbi street – pedakomatipeta road 19-1-34 19-5-250
EAST Telaga street 17-1-20 17-1-64
SOUTH From Salur to road towards Dandigam 21-1-120 21-2-113
WEST Dabbi Street Part 19-1-34 19-5-205

Salur Municipality Ward no 28
NORTH From Chitlu street to Yatha street road 10-1-35 10-2-134
EAST From Pedakomatipeta to Road towards China Bazar 25-1-130 25-1-230
SOUTH Chakali street road 15-1-1 15-1-29
WEST Dabbi street Ramamandir, Perasagaram 19-1-1 19-1-33

Salur Municipality Ward no 29
NORTH Perasagaram 10-1-1 10-1-30
EAST From Kota street to Road towards Railway station 8-1-1 8-1-53
SOUTH From Pedakomatipeta to B.T Road towards Fort 11-1-1 12-1-41
WEST Upto Elementary school of Pedakomatipeta 9-1-1 9-3-240

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