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YSR VAHANA MITRA Government has assured that financial assistance of Rs.10,000/per annum will be given to Self-owned Auto/Taxi Drivers for expenditure towards insurance, fitness certificate, repairs, and other requirements. Accordingly, vide orders first, second and third read above, Government have issued guidelines for implementation of the scheme in the financial year 2019-20, and 2,36,344 beneficiaries were sanctioned Rs.10,000/-each in the YSR VAHANA MITRA scheme in 1st & 2nd phases.

The Transport Commissioner vide letter fourth read above has furnished guidelines and procedure to be followed for disbursing financial assistance of Rs.10,000/- per annum to Self-owned Auto/Taxi/Maxi cabdrivers during the financial year 2020-21.

Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby agree to provide financial assistance of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) per annum to Self-owned Auto/Taxi/Maxi cab Drivers for expenditure towards insurance, fitness certificate, repairs, and other requirements during the financial year 2020-21.

Government reiterates the following guidelines for eligibility,application, verification, sanction and payment for financial assistance to self owned auto/taxi/Maxi cab drivers during the financial year 2020-21:


  1. The applicant shall “own” and “drive” an Auto rickshaw / Taxi /Maxi Cab.
  2. The applicant shall possess a valid driving licence to drive Autorickshaw / Light Motor vehicle
  3. The vehicle (Auto rickshaw / Taxi / Maxi Cab) shall be coveredwith valid records like Registration Certificate and tax in caseof LT Cabs.
  4. The scheme is applicable to the owners of passenger Autorickshaw / Taxi / Maxi cab. The owners of three wheeler / fourwheeler light goods vehicles are not eligible under the scheme.
  5. Each applicant shall have an Aadhaar card.
  6. The owner must possess BPL/white ration Card / AnnapurnaCard / Antyodaya Card.
  7. Family will be eligible to get benefit for one auto or Taxi orMaxi cab. Family is defined as Husband, Wife and minorchildren.
  8. The ownership and licence on different persons in the samewhite ration card is allowed. However, only one person iseligible for financial assistance in a family consisting ofhusband, wife and minor children in the same white rationcard.
  9. If the beneficiary is Father/Mother/Daughter/ brother anddriving license is in the name of major son, theFather/Mother/Daughter/ brother who is the registered ownerof the vehicle is eligible to get benefit, though both names arenoted in different white ration cards.
    10.The beneficiaries who have driving licences issued by otherstates shall apply for change of address in the concerned RTOOffice, which will be done expeditiously.
    11.At the time of application, the vehicle shall be in thepossession of the owner.
    12.The new beneficiaries can file physical application with villagevolunteer/ward volunteer.
    13.The bank account shall be on the name of the owner of thevehicle. The bank account of the beneficiary can be in any oneof the scheduled commercial banks.

Apply online


Physical applications will be made available with VillageVolunteers/ Panchayat Secretaries / Ward Volunteers / Billcollectors for new beneficiaries by 21-05- 2020.

YSR VAHANA MITRA Verification & Sanction :

The applications of new beneficiaries will be collected and verifiedby Village Volunteers / Ward Volunteers. Once the genuinity of application is verified, the applications will be uploaded to onlineat respective Village Secretariat / Ward Secretariat. Theseapplications are forwarded through online for approval / rejectionto the District Collections by Municipal Commissioner in Urbanareas and MPDO in Rural areas. The sanction will be accordedautomatically to the existing beneficiaries without filingapplication once again through online / offline (manually), iffound eligible as per the guidelines of the scheme.

YSR VAHANA MITRA Execution process :

  1. Transport Department will provide the list of owners who got theirvehicles transferred from their name and new vehicles registered in categories of Autorickshaw, Taxi, Maxi cab from 23.09.2019 to16.05.2020 to APCFSS for verification purpose.
  2. Display of list containing existing beneficiaries and list of vehiclestransferred and new vehicles registered at VV, VW level & VS & WSoffices for social Audit purpose from 21.05.2020 to 26.05.2020.
  3. CFSS to facilitate upload of entry of physical applications at Village /Ward Secretaries from 21-05-2020 onwards.
  4. Receipt, verification and uploading of physical applications at
    VV,VW, VS & WS level simultaneously from 21-05-2020 to
    28.05.2020including additions and deletions, if any.
  5. Approval / rejection to be done by MPDO/MPL Commissioners simultaneously upto 30.05.2020.
  6. Approval / rejection by District Collector simultaneously upto01.06.2020.
  7. CFSS will facilitate generation of proceedings for approval byrespective MDs of Corporations to make payment tobeneficiaries on 02.06.2020 & 03.06.2020 through CFMS.
  8. Disbursement by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 04-06-2020.


CFSS will facilitate generation of proceedings for approval byrespective MDs of Corporations to make payment to beneficiariesfrom the budget allotted to the following Corporations for the year2020-21 through CFMS and arrange payment to the bank accountof the beneficiary. The sanction amount shall be released to thebeneficiaries bank account on 04-06-2020.

Expenditure shall be met by the following Corporations:

  1. SC Corporation 5. ST Corporation
  2. BC Corporation 6. Kapu Corporation
  3. Minority Corporation 7. Brahmin Corporation
  4. EBC Corporation 8. Christian Corporation
  5. The Transport Commissioner shall take further necessary action inthe matter accordingly.
  6. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department videtheir U.O.No.FIN01-FMUOMRAS/101/2020-TR&B, Dt.20.05.2020

Transport Commissioner A.P., Vijayawada and in continuation Govt. hereby issue the following revised guidelines for eligibility for the beneficiaries to upload their applications online or to submit physical applications to village/ward volunteers. (i) If the beneficiary is Father/Mother/Daughter/brother and driving license is in the name of major son, the Father/Mother/Daughter/brother who is the registered owner of the vehicle is eligible to get benefit, though both names are noted in different white ration cards.

(ii) If major son in the beneficiary’s family was deleted from the white ration card after his marriage and he did not get a new white ration card, though he is eligible for white ration card as per the RTGS data, such cases may also be considered for this scheme. In such type of applications, relationship between the owner of the vehicle (Father/Mother/Daughter/brother) and the driving licence holder has to be verified by Panchayat Secretary/Bill Collector/Ward Volunteer/Village volunteer based on the documentary evidences produced by the applicants such as Aadhaar card, voter card, birth certificate etc.

(iii)If any application is rejected in the 1st phase on the ground that the driver’s name is not included in white ration card or having a separate hite ration card, such applications may be cancelled at DTC level in Online and fresh applications may also be considered for this scheme as per revised guidelines issued.

(iv)The bank account shall be on the name of the owner of the vehicle only. The vehicle owner can furnish the details of any bank account held in his name though he has availed loans from banks/corporations of Government from that account. The bank account of the beneficiary can be in any of the Scheduled commercial banks.

The time lines for extended period of VAHANA MITRA SCHEME are as follows:-

(i) Uploading of applications through online or filing of physical application with village volunteer/Panchayat Secretaries/ward volunteers/ Bill collectors shall be completed on or before 31-10-2019.

(ii) Verification and uploading of eligible applications by village volunteer/Panchayat Secretaries/ward volunteers/ Bill collectors shall be completed, followed by approvals by MPDO/Municipal Commissioner concerned on or before 8th November, 2019.

(iii) The eligible applications shall be given approval/rejection by the District Collectors concerned on or before 10-11-2019.

(iv) The sanctioned amount shall be released to the beneficiaries’ bank account on 15.11.2019.

(v) Once amount is released, arrangements shall be made for distribution of receipt and message from Hon’ble Chief Minister to the beneficiary through Village Volunteer/Ward Volunteer by 20th November, 2019.

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